Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nicole's Commentary 11 May 2009

What DiversePhilly means to you?

As we revealed in the 1st Annual Membership meeting last month, DiversePhilly has a 4 quarter strategy to position your business for growth. The merger with Premiere Brand LLC gave DiversePhilly, which in turn, your business more cost effective marketing solutions. The 1st quarter, which completed April 30th, consisted of branding the DiversePhilly website, branding the Wealth Building Series and implementing a brand management strategy. The 2nd quarter consists of implementing the referral program to consistently grow the membership base through revenue sharing initiatives, convenient solutions to find your business on mobile devices and implementation of a business to consumer card program to move Diversephilly from the consumer's computer to a consumers wallet!

What does all this mean? This means that we can create buying power. It is the collective buying power of DiversePhilly that will lower the cost of doing business in Philadelphia. Just as Target uses it’s giant distribution network (plus a lot of importing from China) that allows this mega-chain to beat the neighborhood stores prices.

Just this year, we added the following member benefits:

1) Partnership with the Philadelphia Business Journal to create a savings program for DiversePhilly members -

2) Partnership with the Urban League Entrepreneurship Center - $10 off Membership to ULEC for seminars and workshops on growing your business and access to FREE business consulting

3) Partnership with The Enterprise Center's Capital Corporation which provides a no fee application (50.00 savings) to the strategic growth loan Program.

We leveraged the collective buying power of hundreds of business owners working together to create costs savings for DiversePhilly members. As we move into phase 2 of our growth strategy, we are looking to leverage thousands of business owners to create even greater cost savings and opportunities to position your business for the growth cycle that comes after the recession - underneath all the Information Technology and Marketing, I am an economist at heart. It is the harmony of the members working together like the game face coaching event featuring DP businesses The Career Makeover Coach, Jennifer Dent Events, Urban Momentum Network or the after work mixer hosted by (Urban Aestethics, Provident Business Services) or Motivating Mondays with DP businesses (GPW Towing, Abundant Home Inspection, Tara Colquitt - The Credit Woman, Ultimate Concrete LLC, JSPN & Company LLC, Soul Purpose by Veronica Freeman, FullCircle Aestethics) or the 4th Friday Wine and Cheese Events (featuring FullCircle Aestethics, Mary Kay by Mylisa Flowers, Whole Unit Studios and Whole Unit Artisitic Development Inc.) that will increase the return on your DiversePhilly investment ten-fold and move DiversePhilly from a business to business network to a business to business and business to consumer network. Stay Tuned!!!