Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Membership has privileges!

As I look at the growing list of businesses, I see a triple bottom line of jobs, benefits and revenue that will put an end to this economic depression! Years ago, one of my mentors, Jacqueline Hill, Director of the Pennsylvania Minority Business Enterprise Center, told me that I needed to have criteria on the businesses in the Newman Network. Thank you Jackie for that wonderful advice. Members - pat yourselves on the back for being in business during this economic downturn (3 years or more), investing in your marketing materials(website required) and satisfying your customers (by having a minimum of three testimonials!).

As a marketing consultant for the Urban League Entrepreneurship Center, I have seen how business knowledge is just ONE part of the success equation. An even bigger part is creating systems for accounting, marketing, HR, product development and so on. With the systems in place, businesses need to systematically locate their next CUSTOMER!

This is where networking comes in! As Fran Tarkenton has said on many of his calls, big businesses do business with each other and small businesses need to do the same thing. If we just learn to shop from each other, then we can all achieve the triple bottom line! Newman Networks has set up FREE networking events for members to meet and greet other businesses in the network! Members - please take some time and go through the list of members and decide which business(es) you will become a CUSTOMER of!

Andrea at Orchid Blue Salon, I will be calling soon to schedule my next appointment! I am looking forward to adding a little more criteria for Newman Networks membership!