Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 2009 Wealth Building Series

Join DiversePhilly Business Owners Brian Williams , Tara Colquitt, and special guest Michael Bing from The Enterprise Center Capital Corporation as we share our collective knowledge to show you how to build wealth!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nicole's Commentary 16 April 2009

While I was waiting for the next newsletter topic to come my head, I did a quick search on the internet. In about 10 minutes , I found a great article on the right topic - Speed of Business. I had the pleasure of attending the Entrepreneurs Forum Group monthly meeting yesterday on Commercializing Intellectual Property (thanks Tim Bosworth for the gentle reminders). As we talked about the very expensive patent process and the very expensive litigation fees to protect the very expensive patent (do you see a pattern?), all the panelists agreed that for the small business it is to beat the competition in the market place than trying to obtain a patent and protect it. Understand that we live in the "Internet Time". When I was growing up, my mom had to thaw the food from the freezer, cook the food and then finally after 2 hours it was time to eat. Then when I was a teenager, microwaves came into existence but at first the food did not taste very good until the market changed to fit the new technology and now I will take a microwave dinner from Trader Joe's any day (my favorite are the fish tacos!).
When I started my IT career in 1995, the commercialized version of the internet was just getting started. In 2009, we are perfecting the technology platform to our lifestyles. My mom will call me on my cell phone and spend 3 minutes leaving me a message. When I call her back in 5 minutes, she will ask if I listened to the message and I, of course, say no. (Why would I spend 3 minutes when I would just call back anyway, let's save 3 minutes and just get to the end result..). My friends, on the other hand, rarely leave messages, they just call until I answer the phone or their number pops up 4 times as a missed call. We live in "Internet Time" which is even faster than the microwave.
The objective for our businesses is to go big and go fast! This is not just applied in growing your business but in any process. Though I only made 1 connection from that event, I am positive a VP from Open Source Business at a fortune 500 company who took the time to respond to my linkedin request (fortune is in the immediate follow-up!) will come in handy. As the article stated (even though the article was 9 years ago) take some time move fast and smart (this can be accomplished by surrounding yourself with people smarter than you). It will require some sacrifice in the beginning but envision the reward at the end. We added this guideline to the confirmed detail of "Smart Marketing always trumps a good product". This is just a a gentle reminder -- Premiere Brand Marketing is just getting started! Learn more on April 28th, 2009 at the DiversePhilly Membership meeting!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nicole's Commentary 3 April 2009

This is the beginning of our 3rd year in business and today, we have alot to celebrate! It is official, Nicole Newman has found a group of individuals who have put ego's aside to work as a TEAM - TEAM work makes the DREAM work! Network marketing taught me that it takes at least 5 individuals/businesses who were willing to lock arms to make the dream work. Dreamer #1 - Nicole Newman is a lady with a vision who was busy marketing (marketing comes before any product is sold) and found Dreamer #2 - JeterActive who could turn the vision into a concrete product (at the right price of course!). After almost a year searching on the internet building an e-mail distribution list, we found Dreamer #3 -Tara Colquitt, the Credit Woman by her response to a newsletter. She is my right hand woman, sometime editor-in-chief and founder of her own networking group, Motivating Monday along with fellow DiversePhilly business, Abundant Home Inspection! One of the businesses that signed up from an on-line conversation on the Urban Philly Professional Network was Dreamer #4 - Williams Accounting and Tax Service. After a few one-on-one appointments, Newman Networks became a client of Williams Accounting and Tax. I can't forget Universal Concept, they played an integral role with the logo design. See, I was using DiversePhilly to build my own company.

Facebook is becoming a new favorite website and alot of people tell me they don't like facebook because strangers can find them. That is the point! New clients are the lifeblood of your business. Facebook proves that we are all connected. Just going through the contacts shows the overlap in mutual acquintances. I was out and about on facebook looking at the profile of Sherman Toppin (we meet people through people - in this case through a profile) when I saw a group, Keep Arts in School on their profile and found Dreamer #5 - Malik Boyd. After corresponding for a while, we found out that we were both alumni of Masterman school. So now we had a common connection, just like each of you do by listing your business on DiversePhilly.. Based on this one little detail, we decided to turn on-line conversation into off-line business meeting.

Network marketing taught me that businesses only make money in 2 ways - selling products/services and recruiting talent. I was so busy recruiting him that before I could blink he had recruited me! Partnerships can be a little scary because you are no longer in control but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Not every business can partner with another business. What makes a partnership/relationship/marriage stong is having compatible value systems. If one partner does not value the work the other partner is doing then the relationship will not work. As we were looking at the possibility, we had to know that we valued each other's ideas and businesses. Our values translate into the mission statement of the company and now we can strategize to reach targeted goals. We have a goal to triple the membership base allowing more relationships to happen (common connector) by enhancing DiversePhilly and with working with and recruiting more people. Recruiting people is how you get exponential (not linear growth) to create leverage. Come meet your TEAM and learn Premiere Brand Marketing 's plan on making 2009 a great year for all the businesses who are apart of the DiversePhilly network on April 28th, 2009 from 7:30 am - 10 am!