Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nicole's Commentary 4 March 2008

Lately, I have been wondering why am I destined to become an entrepreneur. Last year, I finally understood that entrepreneur’s spirit is in my genes. My grandfather, Robert Newman (who passed away in 1992), was an entrepreneur and owned a paving company out on the main line. Today, I want to focus on my grandmother, Mrs. Marion Payne. She was a South Philadelphia native and a teenage mom. She managed to raise 9 children as a widower. She had a huge heart and was always doing for somebody (including me). She was active in the church, a tither, and raised various other children including my two cousins. I fondly remember staying down in her big house every summer during my middle school years. Her 6 bedroom twin house was the only house with a driveway in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington DC. Though I went to her retirement party from the government, I never understood what she did. I just assumed she was a secretary. A few years ago she mentioned that she was a cleaning lady. I was completely shocked. I asked her how she was able to afford the big house on a cleaning ladies salary. She told me the secret of success. She told me that she took care of the lady who owned in the house and moved all 9 of her children in. When the lady passed, she gave my grandmother the house. My grandmother understood the success in life lies in the relationships. She also understood that the person you give to is not always the person you receive from. Since she had been blessed with a house for her family, she went out of her way to give to others. That is why networking is crucial to the success of our businesses. Business owners are the largest consumer group in the United States. In addition to shopping for our homes, we have to shop for our businesses (which is why banks love business accounts). So we have to lead by example and support ourselves before the Philadelphia population follows suit.

There are many businesses like HDMS, UrbanPhilly, Newman Networks, JeterActive, Universal Concept, Technically Speaking Radio, The Black Business Directory, Royal Bay Mortgage, Whole Unit Studios, RL Snaggs and Whole Unit Artistic Development Inc contributing to each other’s success. On March 28th, 2008 at Yo Darkroom, we get a chance meet and find new cross marketing opportunities to contribute to each other’s success!

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