Friday, December 5, 2008

Nicole's Commentary on 20 questions

The holidays are here and it is a time of giving thanks for making 2008 such an outstanding year. As I have grown as a person (thank you UrbanPhilly and Paliani Consulting), I have seen my business grow! One thing I do not like to do is mail out cards. Thanks to Tara Colquitt, The Credit Woman, DiversePhilly has been introduced to Send Out Cards. Originally, the program was purchased for a one-time $99 fee to use as a Contact Management System, but now we can use this tool to automate sending out my Thank You cards! Send Out Cards allows me to add the DiversePhilly logo (thank you Universal Concept) to my cards! (subliminal marketing). This is my list of 20 questions:

1) How do I say thanks to LadyBug Marketing and UrbanPhilly for showing me the ropes of the marketing in Philadelphia?

2) How do I say thanks to The Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and The Enterprise Center for my first company contracts?

3) How do I say thanks to Whitney Thomas (my headshot) and Sabr Enterprises (Project Great Potential Graduate) for providing the marketing materials for my company?

4) How do I say thanks to Abundant Home Inspection, Dove Holiday, Enon Tabernacle Capital Fund, Bo's Tire and Rim Shop, Philadelphia Business Journal (especially Sharon Oliver), the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (Kate Bay) for becoming silent partners and supporting DiversePhilly?

5) How do I say thanks to HDMS and Technically Speaking Radio for producing and broadcasting the DiversePhilly commercials?

6) How do I say thanks to I Won, SIS Fitness, Brian Williams, Exit BenchMark Realty, Professional Insurance Planners for allowing me to talk about DiversePhilly on their radio programs?

7) How do I say thanks to French Mobile Notary, Sovereign Bank (Jonas Tart), Colin M. Williams, JSPN & Company, KMM Financial Services, Soul Purpose by Veronica Freeman for becoming DiversePhilly business partners?

8) How do I say thanks to our DiversePhilly restaurants Delilah's, Bottom of the Sea and Yono's Bayou Cafe for making us feel welcome when we come to the table?

9) How do I say thanks to Eatible Delight, Elohim Cleaning Contractors, Girlfriends, Tomika Bryant, for being such success stories and paying for their DiversePhilly listings for the entire year (cash flow is king to a small business)?

10) How do I say thanks to RL Snaggs, Whole Unit Artistic Development Inc., Whole Unit Studios, Sanders Studio, Yo Darkroom! for creating the successful Wine and Cheese networking events?

11) How do I say thanks to our vendors, 1 Dynasty, Agel, Mylisa Flowers, Full Circle Aestethics, Hackett Global Marketing, Gandomera Business, Abdul Karim, Be Empowered, Agape World Wide Travel for being there as our vendors of choice?

12) How do I say thanks to our Attorneys Athena Dooley and Real World Law for making sure Diversephilly businesses have resources and know-how to legally define our businesses as a separate entity?

13) How do I say thanks for Hair 4 U (Masterman Alum), Can U Handle the Truth?, and Soles, a shoe experience for just believing in me?

14) How do I say thanks to Archer Benefits, AmeriPlan by Marlon Freeman, and CIGNA for making sure we are properly protected from the catastrophic costs of illness?

15) How do I say thanks to CAMP CAYA and Tonya Ladipo as they make sure we have built up our self-esteem which is an extremely important ingredient for marketing?

16) How do I say thanks to First Financial Group/Mass Mutual, Desiree Richardson, Prescott and Associates and May Financial Services who make sure we are doing the proper activity to create generational wealth?

17) How do I say thanks to Orchid Blue Salon, Professional Academy of Cosmetology, Roots Hair Studio, Kazoo's School of Hard Knox, Dr. Smith's Foot Care and Not Just Nails for taking care of our appearances so that we are properly representing our businesses well (as we all know, image is everything)?

18) How do I say thanks to the African American Chamber of Commerce and their members Raymond Holman Jr. Photography, Spruce Hill Properties, Alpha Office Supplies who leveraged multiple networks to grow their business?

19) How do I say thanks to Team-Clean for breaking the glass ceiling and reaching back to grab Nicole Newman and move DiversePhilly to the next level?

20) How do I say to Radiant Properties LLC, Ultimate Concrete LLC, Eley Electrical Contractors, Precision Plus Plumbing, JHL Enterprises as they make sure our real estate assets are developed?

Bonus Question! To JeterActive: How do I say thanks for being the web developer who brought my vision of DiversePhilly and Newman Networks to life? We say Thanks the best way we know how, by marketing your business in the DiversePhilly newsletter. We look forward to creating exciting synergies and sending out our cards this holiday season!

Many Blessings,

Nicole Newman

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