Friday, August 14, 2009

Nicole's Commentary 14 August 2009

I feel like I have not addressed this audience in quite some time. This is been a busy summer! I have been creating relationships and dissolving relationships that do not align with the mission of growing YOUR business. There are a couple of competing beliefs on how business is done. Newman Networks is in the midst of a hostile takeover. There is a belief that this is just a part of business but it is my belief that our clients and the services provided are relationships. Relationships can not be randomly traded. We do not sell inanimate objects, like widgets, that are bought and sold. We sell relationships and those relationships are the key to taking YOUR business to the next level.

DiversePhilly members, I have not forgotten about YOUR business. The Wealth Building Series at IKEA is back, the Breakfast With Fran series is back and soon your network and all associated jobs, events and new members will be back. This has been a learning experience and that IS apart of doing business. The key is to learn the lesson and modify the behavior so it does not happen again. I have gotten much stronger in the process and strengthened my belief in YOU and DIVERSEPHILLY. Special thanks to The Credit Woman, Zana Cakes, LifeSpirit Photography, Hackett Global Marketing, Mitchell's Accounting and Tax Solutions, The Enterprise Center Capital Corporation, Goldflam and Associates, UrbanPhilly, Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, IKEA, Arnez Exquisite Catering, ClientLink , Meleta Lambert Enterprises, Eatible Delights, Women's Yellow Pages, Urban League Entrepreneurship Center and Ultimate Concrete LLC for making sure I did not get distracted and keep focus on the mission of growing YOUR business. Special acknowledgement also goes to our website development company, JeterActive who once again stood by my side.

Looking forward to a continuing partnership, Nicole Newman.

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